Bed and Breakfast in Central Virginia Blue Ridge Parkway
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Lovingston, VA
Orchard House Bed and Breakfast
9749 Thomas Nelson Hwy (Rte. 29)
Phone: (434) 263-7747 / Email

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you serve dinner?
We are a Bed & Breakfast. We only serve breakfast. There are several great restaurants and brewpubs in the area for dinner and we do not feel the need to compete with them.

Can we check in earlier than 3:00 pm or can we check in later than 8:00 pm?
We do not allow for early check-ins as we have to have time to flip rooms from the previous night as well as have some time to ourselves to get ready in-between arrivals. On rare occasions we may make an exception, but you must make advanced arrangements with us. We especially ask that you make every attempt to get an early start to assure an arrival no later than 8:00 pm. We understand there is a possibility that you may encounter unexpected traffic, so please have our phone number with you so that you can give us a call if you are going to be late.

Do we get to choose from a menu for breakfast?
At the time of your booking we ask if you have any dietary issues, dislikes, etc. Based on that, we prepare one main dish that should work for all. We typically plan a dish on the sweet side one morning and the following day a dish on the savory side. We will accommodate dietary needs but only with advance notice.

I see that breakfast is served at 9:00 am. What if we want to sleep in or have an early departure?
We serve breakfast at one time unless you have made previous arrangments, in which case we may prepare breakfast earlier than 9 but not later. We ask all guests to be please be seated in the dining room five to ten minutes prior to breakfast as we serve promptly at 9:00 am.

Is there a place to walk on your grounds?
Yes, we have a nice dirt road that was part of the orchard years ago that surrounds our property. It is a safe and pleasant walk.

We love pets and see you have them. Can they come out in the inn and play with us?
Unfortunately, due to other guest's possible allergies and discomfort, we do not allow our pets in guest areas. You may or may not see them outdoors.

We have friends and/or family that live in the area. Can we invite them over to visit us?
Unfortunately, we do not allow visitors that are not registered guests due to fire and safety regulations, as well as to the fairness of other guests on the property. If you'd like to visit area friends and family, we ask that you do so at their residence or other public place. Please consider how you would feel if you went to sit in the common area only to find it full of unregistered guests here to visit others.

If we have a friend or family member that wants to share a room with us, can they sleep on the floor of our room?
We are sorry, but State regulations do not allow for guests sleeping on floors. Our rooms are set up for two people only.

Is breakfast family style or do we get to sit by ourselves?
We have both options available. We have found that many of our guests prefer the family style seating in order to meet new friends; however, unless you request it or are with a group, you will be given a private table.

This area seems to be primarily for visiting/touring wineries. What is the best winery for us to visit?
Wine tasting is an extremely personal choice just as food is. Each winery in the area has something to offer everyone. If you'd like to learn more, sign up for one of our Chauffeured Wine Tours which will include a class on wine tasting basics followed by a trip to four wineries, including a picnic lunch, depending on the package you select.

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